Evaluation and Analysis of Cavitation Phenomenon in Rosieres Power Plant, Sudan, 2011-2012

Adel Ahmed, Omer Ahmed, Abdelhameed Mohamed, Mohammed Hassan, Ahmed Mokhtar


Cavitation is one of the serious problems in hydraulic turbines negatively affects their
efficiency and may cause damages. Cavitation is a phenomenon which occurs as a pitting of metallic
surfaces of turbine parts because of the formation of cavities. In this paper, cavitation in Kaplan turbine
unit 2 in Rosieres power plant was studied and analyzed during flood, water restriction and blackout
periods. The general features of cavitation were described and cavitation variables were determined in the
plant. Cavitation indexes and critical cavitation factors were calculated and compared during these three
periods. The results showed that: the turbines were operated within cavitation limit during these periods.
Cavitation index was found to be higher in water restriction, while minimum power and drop of pressure,
which also increase the possibility of cavities were found in flood and blackout.


Cavitation, Cavitation periods, Cavitation factors, Rosieres dam.

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