Design of Digital Model for Re-Planning of Informal Settlements Using Geographic Information Systems

Abdel Rahim Elhag, Harith Ahmed


The process of re-planning settlements is a complex process, governed by technical foundations, legal regulations, procedures and practical steps to improve and develop these settlements to be at the perfect planning level, with minimum damages as much as possible. Execution of this process manually leads to slow down the solution with disconnected procedures and sometimes to increase the complexity of the problem by adding new extension of informal settlements, losing time, effort, cost and decrease the accuracy .In this research a new method had been proposed depending on digital systems to execute re-planning process by analyzing the foundations and regulations that govern the re-planning process and design the required digital solutions for its implementation applying the analysis tools of geographic information systems softwares together with its capabilities of input process of spatial data and their attributes in one digital database which enables its efficient integration, quick retrieval, ease of analysis and presentation. This method contributes in making re-planning process easy, quickly, secured, precise and of low cost.Aerial photographs had been used as a source of spatial data, non spatial attributes had been collected from the field using forms designed for this purpose and ArcGis software had been used to execute the steps of the process in the study area. Finally a digital re-planning model for the informal settlements had been designed to be as a guidance to execute the same steps for other areas by changing the data only.


Model builder, Parcel, Aerial Photograph, Automation

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