The Integration of Structural Knowledge in Studio Design Projects: An Assessment Curriculum in: Architecture Course in SUST

Fahmi Mohammed, Ahmed Abd Allah


This study is concerned with the effective structures curriculum content in
architectural department and the teaching methods that lead to a better integration of
architectural concepts with structural solutions for architectural students’ design application.
It aims at identifying a better course content and teaching method to improve the students’
design capability to integrate structure principles learned in lecture sessions and architectural
design studio, where the principles are being applied. Respondents are B.Sc. (Arch) students
from year 1 to year 5 of the academic year 2008/2009 in the Department of Architecture,
College of Engineering, Sudan University of Science and Technology. Descriptive statistic
and ANOVA test were employed to attain the stated objectives. The study examined the
course content, instruction modes and method of teaching structures subject and investigated
the learning outcome with design studio through students’ performance and perception in
integrating structural knowledge in their design project. Semi-structured interviews were
conducted with the design studio coordinators and structure lecturers. The results revealed
that 77.8% of respondents faced difficulty in integrating structural knowledge into their
design of the project in the studio. Although they found that structure subject interesting but
the teaching methods used in its classes did not satisfy their learning needs. Furthermore, the
subject content is full of mathematical jargons which relate more to engineers than architects.


architectural education, teaching method, architectural design, structural knowledge, integration.

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