Study of High Pressure Heaters and Its Influence on Operation Cost in Power Plants: Case Study Garri -4

tarig omer aburass, yasser nogoud nogoud, ahmed mohamed osman


Electricity is one of the most important achievements that modern sciences have given to mankind. It became a part of modern life and one cannot think of a world without it. It has many uses in our daily life. Recently, in Sudan, there are some problems related to its continuity and availability of electrical and thermal power generation. This paper presents a part of the solution for the generation of thermal power for Garri-4. The characteristics of electrical energy are sustainability, easy transmission, and easy utilization. All these factors make electrical energy desirable. The main problem of electrical power is the high cost of production due to the high cost of fuel. Through the centuries, there is a lot of work done to reduce the energy cost, by rising up the efficiency and increase the performance of the systems. This paper shows the effect of high-pressure (HP) heaters out of service in the Garri-4 power plant. It aims to investigate the influence of HP heaters on the power plant's overall performance. The mathematical modeling is used through thermodynamic and heat transfer equations to study the efficiency and the operation cost for the power plant. The paper concludes that HP heaters have a clear influence on the power plant performance by increasing the overall power plant efficiency and reduce the operation cost. It also makes it less harmful to the environment through less emission due to less fuel consumption. There is an increase the overall power plant efficiency by 3.78% , 1.03%., and 2.56%, from 27.67%, for different cases studied in this paper.


Thermal Power, High-Pressure (HP) Heaters, Heat Transfer, Heat Exchanger, Efficiency

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